Sunday, March 15, 2009

Più duro, meglio, più presto, più forte

Is my title messed up? Is there a way to say, "better" in Italian using the word "più"? I guess I'll have to wait a couple of months to find out, because I'm going to Italy. Yes, all of you have read this already on my Facebook status. Now for the backstory and details:

Not too long ago, I was daydreaming frequently about two things in particular: going back to Italy this summer, even if it meant doing a program where I'd be earning no money, and; finding a way to study with this teacher from Oberlin College who is a really nice guy and whose technical ideas seemed to work with me during our one and only lesson last summer. This state of day-dreamery lasted about a week or so. Typically, I'd have gone longer, but the daydreaming got cut short when I received an email from said teacher at Oberlin College. It said:

"Dear Poundpapi,

Oberlin has a program in Italy. We need a tenor for one of our shows. Wanna come if we cover the program expenses?"

Why, yes I do. <------ That was my answer.

I'm not exactly sure how my answer could have been any different, honestly. I've been patiently waiting for some type of sign of what I could do with my life, and even my oblivious self couldn't ignore how amazing the timing of these events was.

So, from early June through the middle of July, I'll be living in Arezzo which is a non-touristy city in Tuscany. I'll be singing a role in a never-done opera (La Rondine) but studying with a lovely teacher and his bitchin (in both ways) partner who is a vocal coach. Score. I'll also take Italian lessons, hopefully from my future Italian husband. I ain't scurred to be scandalous, no I ain't.

Okay, so while I was daydreaming of summer trips and voice lessons, I was also daydreaming about what it would be like to go live in Bologna for a year. I've never been there, but according to all reports, it's a liberal city with great food, a big gay scene, and not too many tourists mucking things up. I'm for all of those things. So, in between heart-wrenching sessions of online job hunting, I'd occasionally look for jobs and apartments in Bologna. Now, this was truly, truly daydreaming, because getting a job and a new life in Italy seems so far beyond the realm of what I want to deal with right now- at least logistically. Still, it never hurts to spend a little time pretending. The other issue with running away to Italy for a year is that job permits for foreigners are notoriously hard to get. So, I put the thought out of my head, Fred.

So fast forward again- I get the news that I'm going to Italy, so immediately, I Facebook Giulia- my Milanese hookup- to let her know that I'm coming her way, and would love to see her and her kick-ass family. (In particular, I want to see her great-aunt Zia Piera- that woman is about ninety years old, sharp as a knife, cute, and willing to give lessons in Milanese, which is a completely separate language from Italian. What's not to love about Zia Piera?)

So I write Giulia: "I'm coming your way- yadda, yadda, yadda- this is so funny, because I was just daydreaming about running away to Italy for a year to get a job, and then I remembered how hard it is for foreigners to get work permits, yadda, yadda, yadda."

Giulia (in nicer words): "Poundpapi, you are an idiot. You've known me for years, and still forget that my job's whole purpose is to help foreigners get work permits in Italy."

Is this a sign?


So that's that. Going to Arezzo. After the program finishes, I want to go to Milan, see the Orianis, maybe take a quick trip up near the Swiss border- Giulia has homies there, and it would be nice to get away from Milano. Then a few days in Rome- during my last trip, I got nowhere near enough time in that amazing city- and then back home. Or maybe not. I'm not really planning on any touristy stuff. Just food and men. If any of you have friends living in Roma, please holla- it would be nice to have a homie there to guide my restaurant choices.

Last but not least- there are reasonable non-stop tickets (about $700- not bad for the tourist season) from Toronto to Roma on AirCanada. Anyone want to join me?


Poundpapi said...


Also, can I add to this post the fact that I was rejected from Oberlin College as a Voice major back in my tender days? Lolz.

Maven said...

Awesooooooooooooooooome (I'm singing the second syllable). If you get a job in Bologna, we will come visit you fo sho. Shit, I might even come visit you in Arezzo.

Bill said...

One of my fav lines from Ab Fab: Jet set, Darling. Jet set.

Wendell said...

Oh heyil yes! I'm so excited for you!

the jewess said...

Yeow!!! That's fabulous! A job needs to fall into your lap so the Jews can come visit - we just finished reading "Heat" and both are dying for time in Italy!!!

Elbowgrease said...

Poundpapi, are you serious? Because I for one would love to go run away to Bologna for a year. That is sweet justice indeed, by the way. In the same vein, you think I should send a copy of my acceptance to Columbia to Admissions at UW?