Thursday, January 15, 2009

Orale, ese!!!

Yesterday must have been Hate on Oppressed People's Day at Wegman's- the local grocery haven. This is why:

1. I was strolling around Wegman's doing some shopping for SIL, and also picking up some items for myself. Typical bougie fare adorned my shopping cart: organic cage-free eggs, Pecorino Romano, brussels sprouts, whatever whatever, blasé blah. I'd even stopped by the tea bar to pick up a cup of perfectly brewed super-grassy Japanese green tea, so I was feeling good, reveling in the food Elysium that is Wegman's. I made my way over to the yoghurt section to pick up some lovelies, and as I was leaving, I stopped for a millisecond to consider getting some goat's milk for the hell of it. Just as I stopped, the guy stocking the refrigerated foods section walked near me, and when we made eye contact, he asked, "Are you looking for tortillas?" with a genuine Let-Me-Offer-Your-Mexican-Ass-Some-Great-Customer-Service Smile. After politely declining his tortilla-finding services, I cracked the hell up and called BCSM. He loves racist humor. I'm still laughing.

2. As I was picking up paper towels, a little hunched lady asked me to read her the prices on the sponges she was eyeing. So I did, to which Ol' Girl replied:

"They want I should pay $3.49 for sponges?!?! I can't believe it!!!"

Why did my prejudiced ass immediately assume this lady was Jewish? I mean, I do live in the midst of many Jews. A & A would feel right at home here in Brighton, NY. Still...was I lashing out because someone called me a Messican?

Actually, I reserved my lashing out for one of the developmentally disabled people they hire to be "Helping Hands" in the parking lot. Ol' Boy almost got plowed into when he tried to weave around my shopping cart. I guess there's a recession on tolerance, too :  (

In unrelated news, can I just mention that the first couple of weeks of 2009 have already destroyed all of 2008 as far as goodness goes? Considering my 2008, that's not very hard to do, but it seems as though 2008 was pretty much a difficult year for everyone. Anyway, within the past few weeks I:

- had a great date with Mister, and will have another one on Saturday when we go to hear some Zydeco together.

- had a great trip to Buffalo where I saw Lerla, met her best friend HowYouDern and saw Ban Bornelius- one of my favorite people ever.

-'Bout to get a new President.

- yesterday I got a call (two months late) letting me know that I won a small grant that I'd applied for in September. Since the application stated that the awards would be made in November, I'd already assumed that my application was denied. In fact, I was relieved, because I originally applied for the grant to help pay for this past audition season, which was cut short but my busted voice; so in the event that I won the grant, I thought I would have to decline it anyway. So it turns out that there were way more applicants for the grant than they'd ever had before, which accounts for the delay. Furthermore, since these grants are for young adult cancer survivors, their raison d'ĂȘtre is to help grantees with whatever transitions are happening in their lives. In short, they're encouraging me to accept the funds and put themto use toward something else, like getting an apartment. (I'm only too happy to do so- I'm ready to not live at home anymore.) According to the young woman who runs the organization granting these awards, my application was unanimously approved by the board because my essay was so damn good. (high fives self)

- BCSM sent me a link to a job notice for which I am qualified and interested. Of course, I've sent out tons of resumes lately all with no luck, but I've got my fingers, toes and dick crossed for this one.


Wendell said...


What show was I watching the other day where two guys faces were really close together, and I thought "Kiss, KISS!", a la you? I don't remember.

Poundpapi said...

It's nice to know that I've poisoned you!!! : )
Let's be roomies again soon! I was just telling Lerla how much I love "getting-ready-in-the-morning-" roommate bonding time. I bet Robertee doesn't watch you put on make-up like I do!

Maven said...

WORD UP PAPI. That's so good about the grant. And here you thought your liberal arts background weren't worth a damn. All the rest is good too, including your hate and intolerance.

Chandler said...

Zydeco!!!! You and the Mister should get to dancing!!

Sounds like fun. Glad to hear about the grant. I'm really happy you're blogging again, I missed your voice.

madness rivera said...

Congrats on the grant, vato!

But seriously, $3.49 for a sponge? That stupid expensive.

xoxo in Cali.

the jewess said...

The Jews are also shocked at the price of the sponges. We're glad to be laughing at your blog again, even if you do hate our people.

Yay for the grant! Good luck on the job search!

Elbowgrease said...

You are the shit. Sorry I been slackin' on my blogreading duties, I'm back at the grind!