Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Best Thing About Jazz

The best thing about jazz is that sometimes it's impossible to tell where the changes are taking you. Then you end up in a new place and it seems obvious that that's where you were going all along.

I swear to Bejeezus, that thought came to me tonight while at a concert and was not intended to be some Oprah quote of the day.


Disparate Houseboy said...

Oh how I've missed your musings. Thanks to the ever-vigilant BCSM for rousing you from your bloggerly slumber!

You said 'She sing's like she's deaf.'
Ahh ha ha ha fwa ba haa!!!

Disparate Houseboy said...

Oh yeah, it's JM--this is my Blogger identity that I can't figure how to change. Argh.